Install + Config mutt-sidebar

Hello everyone ! Lets make mutt more intersting by adding sidebar in mutt. Install it For ubuntu $ sudo apt-get install mutt-patched For Arch $ sudo pacman -S package-query yaourt $ sudo yaourt -S mutt-sidebar Add following to your .muttrc file and make changes accordingly. #change width accordingly set sidebar_width=30 #Visible at first, then change … Continue reading Install + Config mutt-sidebar

xterm : enable 256 color support on : xterm-256color

You might need 256 bit color support in your various terminal applications like vim, mutt, mplayer, htop and others. Below are the instructions to enable 256 bit color support. Pretty quick, issue command in your terminal $ export TERM=xterm-256color To make it permanant, add the same to your .bashrc or .zshrc file, according to the … Continue reading xterm : enable 256 color support on : xterm-256color