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  • Why do I hustle? and so should you!

    Why do I hustle? and so should you!

    My grandfather, Dr. Gurcharan Singh Muhay was clerk in is early job days in Delhi in 1970s. He used to go to library after his job, and used to read until 3AM everyday. Later on he cleared IPS exam and became Chief of Traffic police Delhi, he also served as an editor-in-chief in Sainik Samachar…

  • Present of life

    Present of life

    It was a fine Monday morning and 9 AM when I woke up, and dark and dense clouds lifted my eyelids towards them as I slept under the stars in the open. A deep breath, and I get to know that rain is coming. I rushed down, and went out on bicycle. After a couple…

  • Satisfation?! friend or foe?

    Satisfation?! friend or foe?

    I wrote an article, and I mentioned about success, when you read that, you’ll know that success is a really simple thing. One may feel very lazy and doing like nothing when you know you are successful in living a life, and may not want to add anything to life as everything start to seem…