The art of knowing.

Bada Jhumar

First of all, what is success actually? Generally success is used supportive word which defines that you accomplished something. I have been in touch with many college students (as being alumni of Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana), and they are studying to be successful in life. I feel I could help them to realize … Continue reading The art of knowing.

Installing and Configuring mSMTP

mSMTP is an SMTP client which can be used with various applications and scripts such as Mutt, Php, Python etc Remember, we will do everything as a sudo user and NOT root. Install the msmtp and ca-certificates packages. For Arch $ sudo pacman -S msmtp ca-certificates For Debian/Ubuntu $ sudo apt-get install msmtp ca-certificates For … Continue reading Installing and Configuring mSMTP

MUTT – encrypting password with GNUpg

To encrypt password with mutt, we will be using GNUpg, install it : For Debian based : $ sudo apt-get install gnupg gnupg-agent For RPM based : $ sudo yum install gnupg gnupg-agent after installing it you need to generate an encryption key by using following. gpg --gen-key Select appropriate options. Enter you name, email … Continue reading MUTT – encrypting password with GNUpg