Editing Ubuntu Menu

Hello Everyone !

Okay, today I’am going to show how to edit menus in ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

Yesterday I was facing the problem that my application menu in the menu bar not showing the child nodes/options on clicking, I found a solution for this problem and I want to share this with you guys.

application menu not working.

Here , checkout the application menu, no options are appearing. So to make it work goto the following directory and look for the files mentioned below.


1. Menu Editor
2. Main Menu

visuals for these files look like ..

firstly for the menu editor.

Menu Editor

secondly the  Main Menu

edit the main menus.

Firstly, you must select the options in the Menu Editor, if they are not select in the Menu Editor, they cannot be shown. Then after select the options in the Main Menu. I did the same and I got it working.

Okay, thats all for now.
Happy Menu Editing.
Good Day !

~ Vigas Deep


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