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  • Off the beat – Travel

    Off the beat – Travel

    Yesterday I partake in some volunteer work, for which I had to travel,  Ludhiana – Moga – Bathinda, in the back of a truck. It was tough journey, but I enjoyed it. We left at 5:30 AM in the morning. The truck storage, moving, back and forth, left and right. Our backs rested on the…

  • Miraculously Beautiful

    Miraculously Beautiful

    It is 1:31 AM, 26 March 2016. Life is beautiful in its own ways. Yesterday (few hours ago) happened a miraculously beautiful moment, when I shared a picture around 8 PM yesterday, with Kamal as we like to share a lot of pictures that we capture. She understands my perspective better than most people and…

  • The art of knowing.

    The art of knowing.

    First of all, what is success actually? Generally success is used supportive word which defines that you accomplished something. I have been in touch with many college students (as being alumni of Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana), and they are studying to be successful in life. I feel I could help them to realize…