The art of knowing.

Bada Jhumar

First of all, what is success actually? Generally success is used supportive word which defines that you accomplished something. I have been in touch with many college students (as being alumni of Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana), and they are studying to be successful in life. I feel I could help them to realize some things about life and thats the purpose of writing this post.

Nobody tells you what life is, you are born here, you have people around you, you have food to eat and shelter to live in, you are successful in living a life. Simple as that.

After this comes the purpose, what do you want to do in life?

Here are some simple and effective tips to find your purpose:

  1. Look around but listen to your inner voice.
  2. Don’t define things with money, just do what you love to, money comes later.
  3. Don’t get attracted by materialistic glow. (We all know about this “All that glitters is not gold”)

Purpose can be any, I mean anything. For some people it is connecting the world, for some its to be free, for some its just to love, and more. So basically, anything, do not ever relate it to money. What you feel like doing in life? thats the purpose. It can be mean, it can be helping, anything.

Comming back to success, people generally relate success with financial figures, but to live a life, we do not need money. People can say we need house we need to buy this and that. I think that just a materialistic approach. If I would imagine myself without any money, what would I do? Looking out for food and shelter, of course you can go life any where in some forest or so, make yourself pretty nice crib (or not) and look out for ways you can get food (or not, yeah there are people who survive on sun), grow crops or hunt, however you like. One thing is sure, money is not necessary for survival, but, if you want to live a social and luxury life, where you can watch movies, eat something special, and so on, definilty you need money. Business men just take advantage of the luxury you want. No luxury = No business. I do not say I want to live a forest life, but I can and I will, very willingly, if it every comes to that. Point is, adapt! adapt! adapt! If you’re in the sea, you’re The Caption Jack Sparrow. If you’re in the forest, you’re fearless tarzan. If you’re in some uptown, you’re be the best job guy or some flashy businessman. The best here is not best as in comparision with others, but the best of your abilities and hardwork. We always adapt, thats what humans do. You have to understand this, there is one thing about humans, they are real badass, they will survive anything, when it comes. But to be successfull you have to be ready, and prepared for every moment. It can be best or worst, depending on how you react to it.

Everyone adapts, it is the basic survival skill your subconsious knows, still you (your concious) don’t reckon it. If you think what will happen when the person/thing you love the most goes away from you or dies or anything which is something you never wan’t that to happen. So if the bad (as you call it) happened, what are you going to do? People start to think they are doomed, but we are very wrong here. We just dont wan’t it to happen, but, even if you don’t know it, you will survive! Yes you will. But it is the art of knowing, that you can handle any damn situation like a pro. And this art will make you invincible, you will control the things you want to (Generally people in such situations don’t want/like to), but the things which will happen, you will be ready, all the time. And this art of knowing makes you overcome your worst fears. Once you overcome the worst, nobody is stopping you. You are at level zero and only thing can happen is going up. At this point the success is declared. This is the point you will know you are successful before anyone else knows about it. This is not something monetory or materialistic, but this is sucess of YOU. You will let go the fear of worst possibilities of your life. You will become open to anything and everything. You will welcome the situtations and people which come to your life, and what awesome feeling is that one can only understand, and I live that everyday.

Extra stuff below, only if you want to kill your current vibe, then carry on reading, but it can do lot many things. 😉

Orignal Title was: “Fear? and Success?” but then I realized “The art of knowing” should be the title.

When I was writing this , I was alone at a restaurant in mid of Feb 2015, and I wanted to write something. So I asked the guy there and borrowed some pen and paper. You can check it out how I was doing at my Instagram

Featured Image: This image is clicked on Sunday, 28 June 2015 at 01:47:07 PM. I wouldn’t dare to touch the flower in the image as it was small, delicate, yet successful and beautiful. On the background of photo you can see a another mountain blurred far away, from where we started the trek. I do have clear image of the same, with the flower blurred.

Let them go!

Its 08:21, and following is my current thought process. Thus far I have experienced in life, people you want most in your life, will go away from you sooner than you can imagine. Also, with these regular happenings I have learned the art of letting go, which was orignally very casual to think about, but it got me by the roots when it happened. But hey, this is life, and just like they say, “Life is not a bed of rosses, but full of thorns”. I hereby extend my welcome to the biggest possible thorns, and I look forward to them. Lets check out what they got.

I have been hurt, I have been decieved, I have been scolded, I have been burnt inside, I’ve cried, I have been through other thousand things, but I never stopped (loving, smiling, motivating, empowering) and I never will, till I collapse.

“When I let go of what I am, I  become what I might be.” – Lao Tzu

This is for those people who think they cannot live without anyone, I’d say, learn to give a good fight to life, if not win. Me personally, I ain’t here to loose.

“Success is my only ****** option, failure’s not!” – Eminem (Loose Yourself)

Here I am not talking about materialistic success, I am talking about life, and I am going hammer it down.

Adiós a ti también.

Help others to help yourself!

Triund Hill

Its 00:08 AM, I started writing this post, and I am listening to D12’s new mixtape. An hour ago I was worried about getting some pending works done, the list was long and I was feeling heavy. I didn’t had a good sleep yesterday as well, three hours I guess. I wanted good sleep today, but the work was pending, and I didn’t want to keep things pending when I have schedule pre-planned.

Well, I tried couple of things to make myself relaxed, nothing worked. I talked with friends and more. Lastly I tried to help two people who were stuck at code issue; one in GD and one in email. After this my mood cheered up, and I started working on my pending stuff, and within couple minutes I solved three of my problems, and with this I am feeling more relaxed.

This morning I was reading Marc Jenkins’ recent Post in which he wrote: “You get more out of a relationship if you expect nothing in return. Give freely and the universe has a way of paying you back.” I believed in it from long, but life gives you example often. With this, I thought to start writing blog habitually, including about my personal experiences, as this post being first of them. Also I thought to add a featured image  to these posts as I am writing this. I like to click lot of pictures, good idea to put them to good use. This one is clicked on 31st Dec 2015 at Triund Hill (one of my favourte places to hang out for a week or so). With this, D12’s Mixtape is also finished, and Kuldeep Manak’s track is on.

This is good end to a good day. Signing off.