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Yesterday I partake in some volunteer work, for which I had to travel,  Ludhiana – Moga – Bathinda, in the back of a truck. It was tough journey, but I enjoyed it. We left at 5:30 AM in the morning.

The truck storage, moving, back and forth, left and right. Our backs rested on the hot metal body of the truck was soothing in a way.  A bump in the road comes like hammer to your back as well.

I started reading, “The elements of Style” book, read a few pages and thought them over.

Whole day was sweating.

It was about 1:00 PM temprature was 43 C, the sun was on its highest verse, and spitting heat like Eminem spits rhymes. It was dope.

Someone around me had a water bottle in his hand, and last few drops, he was about to shower them into Air, and I interrupted him to not waste the water, and I drank that, and when I turned my face upwards to drink (I was standing), my cap flew away. So it was a trade, water or the Cap. I was happy with the water.

Since there was a lot of heat, I tried to do something interesting, which is sleeping, since its hard to take a nap in such heat. In one corner of the truck, I aligned two water bottles and put a folded cotton cloth and it was my pillow ready. Covered my face with another cotton cloth, just to avoid direct heat, but it was enough to make sweat to sea. Within few minutes of ignorance, I was asleep, lying on the metal, which was shaped as sea waves by carring heavy stuff. I had awake split-seconds due to excess heat and road bumps. Two hours from Moga, and here we are, at Bathinda.

Also my head hit thrice in a iron rod, while walking in the truck, at different times ofcourse.

After doing the volunteer work, we were back on course by 8 PM, reached near home about 12:30 AM, which was a bit away from house. Usually, you call somebody to pick you up, but I wanted to walk, so here I was walking on the lonely streets of Ludhiana and reached home  at 1 AM. I kept staring at stars most of the way back, and some thinking 😉

Since such stuff was going on my mind, so I decided to write this before I sleep, Its 3:48 AM currently.

Its always good to do off the beat stuff, refreshes your thinking nerves.


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  1. Avneet Avatar

    Nice to read your blog posts.

  2. Good to know, Avneet.

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