The New Schedule

Okay, Hi there !

I’ve been writing a after a long time. Its 16:20, and this is 2 Oct, 2012. I started a new schedule, I woke up 5 in the morning and Studied Engineering Mathematics because I have to clear that in this semester ( Its a previous Backlog, and I am not afraid of telling it ). So next, at 06:15 I went out for a walk, Actually this is a nice day, Getting up early in the morning keeps you charming and happy all the day, So I am trying to change my self so that I may manage my time in a very efficient manner.

Thanks 🙂

Trip to Rajgarh, HP with Great Developers

On trip to Rajgarh, it was our good luck to have nice bus at affordable and good price. It was fit in our budget. I was managing all monetory things, so it was a good experience to manage all the stuff, the CA experience. First stop was Pinjore, there we were served with so tasty “chid’ve” made by Ma’am, Mrs. Rai. Then we moved packed up and left for Solan, The hilly and mighty mountains were big and the rivier view sideby the road was very good. In the meantime, I was talking to Driver, he told me that you guys are calm of all who went to trip in my bus. He was also happy with us. After reaching solan, I felt cool brezes throughout my head,nose and ears. So, here we go this was cool and more comfortable place. In Rajgarh we found a awesome place to hangout, that is the camping place in Rajgarh on a bank of a river flow. We started to climb the slippery mountains in the camping area, my pants were full of durt and charcoal as I was sitting on burned trees. I seem to be luckiest, I was having my clothes, So I was like sleeping in the water and others got eyes on me, haha :). We were eating mangoes and singing songs in the chilling water of the river, and that was the memorable time. After spending 3-4 hours in the watery stuff, we left for Gurudwara Baru Sahib, We had Langer over there, it was surprising so see volunteers at langer hall of age less than 5. The day was moving so fast, it was 6 already, one of my friend got her shoes broken by trekking on the mountain. So we bought sandals for her and left the place around 6 PM. The Journey was long, it almost took 8 hours. For 1 hour we stopped at eating place “Jimidara da Dhaba”, Food was OK. we finished and reached Ludhiana by 3 AM. The thing which I cannot forget is Rai Sir singing the song “Rasta Rasta aankh meri ladi hai”, acually it is a nice song. We were short of time, but in this short span of time, we did a lot of enjoyment, everyone was happy and charming out full day. It was totally a memorble trip. Thank you GD and Thank Dr.H.S.Rai who made this Trip possible.

Genesis Website committee ’12

Hello there, hope you’re doing well.

This Time I am back with a personal but Interesting update. On 17th March, I appeared in interview for Genesis Website committee ’12, and next day my name was in the selection list, it felt good. This was my second tenure in Genesis Website Committee.

For those who don’t know about Genesis, it is an annual techno-cultural fest of Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College. Various technical, fun and cultural events are organized by little engineers, I also conducted an event named “Ethical Hacking Workshop”, it was fun, though student count was less, I really appreciate who came.

Back to the Website committee. On 18 March, a meeting of all the members is conducted to plan up the things, because we have to make website up an working before 22nd march. Time was pretty less. In meeting Dr. H. S. Rai (Chairmain, website committee), addressed all the members to work with co-operation and co-ordination. He made me Head of the Team, I was like, ummm (I am bad at managing), but I thought that its okay, lets try to improve. So, first of all, I told all the members, we are the equal. Next, we ended up in two teams, first Team was of “Landing Page” for the Genesis’12 website, and second team that will work on online registration for events and the basic website. We choose wordpress to be used, as we wanted to connect the website to facebook for logging in. Our requirement was to Login and get the details from facebook and store it in our records with two-three more fields, like rollno, class. etc. We faced in unexpected problems, its okay, problems are fortunate when you try to do something. We were not in a condition to waste much time because we were already in shortage, we skipped the wordpress, an came to manual login and registration. Website was made up before 22 March. Here’s the link.

In this short time span of 3-4 days, at first, I was having difficulty in managing, so Dr. H. S. Rai, guided me to manage the committee memebers / Work force in an effective way. I learned how to work under such critical situations, without have no bad effect on the outcome, trying to be more good at this, can be “guide for the life time”. I worked during college time, and bunked my all lectures for three days, though I was short of them =)). In those three days, I come to home around 10 PM daily, and I missed dinner with the family because of being late. In between these days, I was also awarded for the Web Designing competition conducted by MCA students, It was the biggest Trophy I ever had, haha :).

Overall the experience was awesome, a lot of problems, a lot of solution, some solution pending, but I will surely kick them too. In the end, I would like to thank Dr. H. S. Rai and all other executive members of website committee for their time to time guidance and giving me opportunity  to learn and work under them. I also want to thank all the team members, for the co-opertation, commitment and timely results.

Thats all, Thank you !