Help others to help yourself!

Triund Hill

Its 00:08 AM, I started writing this post, and I am listening to D12’s new mixtape. An hour ago I was worried about getting some pending works done, the list was long and I was feeling heavy. I didn’t had a good sleep yesterday as well, three hours I guess. I wanted good sleep today, but the work was pending, and I didn’t want to keep things pending when I have schedule pre-planned.

Well, I tried couple of things to make myself relaxed, nothing worked. I talked with friends and more. Lastly I tried to help two people who were stuck at code issue; one in GD and one in email. After this my mood cheered up, and I started working on my pending stuff, and within couple minutes I solved three of my problems, and with this I am feeling more relaxed.

This morning I was reading Marc Jenkins’ recent Post in which he wrote: “You get more out of a relationship if you expect nothing in return. Give freely and the universe has a way of paying you back.” I believed in it from long, but life gives you example often. With this, I thought to start writing blog habitually, including about my personal experiences, as this post being first of them. Also I thought to add a featured image  to these posts as I am writing this. I like to click lot of pictures, good idea to put them to good use. This one is clicked on 31st Dec 2015 at Triund Hill (one of my favourte places to hang out for a week or so). With this, D12’s Mixtape is also finished, and Kuldeep Manak’s track is on.

This is good end to a good day. Signing off.